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4. Yuchai marine diesel engine model list

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Yuchai marine diesel engine list 
Model  Engine power
YC4FA130Z-L20 95KW 130HP 3100RPM
YC4FA50Z-C20 38KW 50HP 1500RPM
YC4F115C-31 85KW 115HP 3100RPM
YC4F100-C20 73KW 100HP 2950RPM
YC4F90L-C20 63KW 90HP 2800RPM
YC4108CA 32KW 50HP 1500RPM
YC4108C 40KW 55HP 1500RPM
YC4D55C 40KW 55HP 1800RPM
YC4D80-C20 58KW 80HP 2400RPM
YC4108ZC 50KW 70HP 1500RPM
YC4D75C 55KW 75HP 1800RPM
YC4D100Z-C20 75KW 100HP 2400RPM
YC4D120Z-C20 90KW 120HP 3000RPM
YC6A200L-C20 145KW 200HP 1500RPM
YC6108ZLCB 112KW 150HP 1500RPM
YC6A170C 125KW 170HP 1500RPM
YC6A190C 140KW 190HP 1800RPM
YC6A195C 145KW 197HP 2300RPM
YC6A220C 162KW 220HP 2300RPM
YC6A250-C20 183KW 250HP 2200RPM
YC6A260-C20 191KW 260HP 2300RPM
YC6A280-C20 206KW 280HP 2500RPM
YC6B165C 120KW 165HP 2300RPM
YC6B165L-C20 120KW 165HP 1800RPM
YC6B150C 110KW 150HP 1800RPM
YC6B165L-C22 120KW 165HP 1500RPM
YC6B155C 112KW 155HP 1500RPM
YC6108ZLCA  90KW 123HP 1500RPM
YC6108ZCA 103KW 140HP 2300RPM
YC6108ZC 80KW 109HP 1500RPM
YC6108CA1 82KW 112HP 2000RPM
YC6B100-C20 74KW 100HP 1800RPM
YC6108CA 63KW 86HP 1500RPM
YC6M220C 162KW 220HP 1800RPM
YC6M240-C20 176KW 240HP 1500RPM
YC6M240C 176KW 240HP 1800RPM
YC6M260C 192KW 260HP 1500RPM
YC6M270C 199KW 270HP 1800RPM
YC6M295C 216KW 295HP 1800RPM
YC6M300C 219KW 300HP 1500RPM
YC6M280C 206KW 280HP 2100RPM
YC6M320C 234KW 320HP 2100RPM
YC6MJ450L-C20 330KW 540HP 2100RPM
YC6MJ410L-C20 300KW 410HP 1800RPM
YC6MJ365L-C20 267KW 365HP 1500RPM
YC6MK350L-C20 257KW 350HP 1800RPM
YC6MK320C 235KW 320HP 1800RPM
YC6MK330C 240KW 330HP 1500RPM
YC6MK300C 220KW 300HP 1500RPM
YC6MK280C 205KW 280HP 1500RPM
YC6T300C 220KW 300HP 1200RPM
YC6T350C 257KW 350HP 1200RPM
YC6T380C 279KW 380HP 1200RPM
YC6T330C 242KW 330HP 1500RPM
YC6T375C 275KW 375HP 1500RPM
YC6T400C 294KW 400HP 1500RPM
YC6T410C 300KW 410HP 1500RPM
YC6T450C 330KW 450HP 1500RPM
YC6T490C 360KW 490HP 1500RPM
YC6T390C 287KW 390HP 1800RPM
YC6T420C 308KW 420HP 1800RPM
YC6T480C 352KW 480HP 1800RPM
YC6T510C 375KW 510HP 1800RPM
YC6T540C 396KW 540HP 1800RPM
YC6TD700L-C20 515KW 700HP 1200RPM
YC6TD650L-C20 478KW 650HP 1200RPM
YC6TD605L-C20 445KW 605HP 1200RPM
YC6TD655L-C20 408KW 655HP 1500RPM
YC6TD600L-C20 441KW 600HP 1500RPM
YC6TD550L-C20 405KW 550HP 1500RPM
YC6TD540L-C20 396KW 540HP 1500RPM
YC6TD480L-C20 352KW 480HP 1500RPM
YC6TD435L-C20 320KW 435HP 1500RPM
YC6C980L-C20 720KW 980HP 1500RPM
YC6C820L-C21 600KW 820HP 1500RPM
YC6C700L-C20 515KW 700HP 1000RPM
YC6C960L-C20 706KW 960HP 1350RPM
YC6C925L-C20 680KW 925HP 1350RPM
YC6C865L-C20 636KW 865HP 1350RPM
YC6C820L-C20 603KW 820HP 1200RPM
YC6C730L-C20 536KW 730HP 1200RPM
YC6C670L-C20 492KW 670HP 1200RPM
YC6C620L-C20 455KW 629HP 1200RPM
YC6C650L-C20 478KW 650HP 1000RPM
YC6C530L-C20  390KW 530HP 1000RPM
YC6C480L-C20 352KW 480HP 1000RPM
YC6CD750L-C20 551KW 750HP 1350RPM
YC6CD700L-C20 515KW 700HP 1350RPM
YC6CD600L-C20 441KW 600HP 1200RPM
YC6CD540L-C20 396KW 540HP 1000RPM
YC6CL1200L-C20 882KW 1200HP 1000RPM
YC6CL1135L-C20 835KW 1135HP 1000RPM
YC6CL1035L-C20 760KW 1035HP 1000RPM
YC6CL960L-C20 706KW 960HP 900RPM
YC6CL925L-C20 680KW 925HP 900RPM
YC6CL775L-C20 570KW 775HP 750RPM
YC6CL745L-C20 500KW 745HP 720RPM

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